Erik Hagman

Born 1974. Lives in Stockholm

Photography chose me and it has been a part of my life since my teens when I worked with black and white photography and became interested in photo historical processes such as cyanotype and salt paper. Today I work digitally and it offers completely different possibilities where I am not limited by the film's few exposures. The approach I have maintained from spending hours and days in the laboratory is the importance of the physical image on paper. Images on the screen quickly disappear while an image on paper remains in memory.

My hope in image creation is trying to move the senses by intensifying reality and through this lay a foundation for reflection within the viewer. A starting point is often a place, a dilemma, the process involves an investigation and an exploration, not entirely different from the approach I had earlier in my career when I worked as a photojournalist. However, my intention is not to explain reality but rather to ask questions. Life and our world interests me and just working abstractly would deprive me of the opportunity to evoke more than a purely aesthetic experience. For an image to touch us, it is not enough that it reminds us of life, but it must have a life of its own to reflect life.

2014The meadow - Reenacted Summer Course, Akademin Valand, University of Gothenburg
1995 - 1998BFA in Photography HFF, University of Gothenburg
1993 - 1994GFU Basic Photography Education, Stockholm
1990 - 1993Natural Science Kungsängsskolan, Sala

Professional Experience
2002 - 2022Photographer New York and Stockholm
2015 - 2017Lecturer in Photography Beckmans College of Design, Stockholm
1999 - 2001Photo Assitant New York, Frederik Lieberath, Fabian Baron and Terry Richardson
1989 - 1999Photojournalist Sala Allehanda and Göteborgsposten

2022Barriers Erik Hagman, Niclas Östlind
2020Mästarverket Lisa Jeannin, Leo Norgren Smaragdina Skrifter, Image Content
2019Pandokraterna Eric Ericson och Susanna Wallstén, Kaunitz Olsson, Cover Image
2018Swedish Modern Orosdi-Back, Part of Image Content
2018Pandornas Dal Eric Ericson och Susanna Wallstén, Orosdi-Back, Image Content
2017Swedish Grace Orosdi-Back, Part of Image Content
2017Kaj Franklin Orosdi-Back, Photo Reproduction of Image Content
2014Mekanik Christer Nyberg, Liber, Cover Image
2014Logistikrätt Göran Stöth, Liber, Cover Image

2022Bokmässan Göteborg
2022Sjöbo Konsthall Sjöbo
2021Paviljong C Hökarängen, Stockholm
2020Vintersalongen Nacka konsthall, Nacka
2020Centrifug Konsthall C, Stockholm
2019Liljevalchs Spring Salon, Stockholm
2014The meadow - Reenacted Art Center Öckerö Library, Curator: Niclas Östlind
1998HFF Degree Exhibition Edsvik Konst & Kultur, Sollentuna

2022The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, 1 year working grant
2021Helge Ax:son Johnsons Stiftelse
2020Stiftelsen Längmanska kulturfonden