Three Representations of Meadow

Three representations of meadow - revolves around three places that have in common that they are or previously were, maintained meadow land.

On Tåängen, Rörö a restoration project is ongoing to recreate and preserve the meadow close to the shore.

Erik-Hagman-Rorop_B Erik-Hagman-Roro_A

Pålsbo meadow in Östergötland is a species-rich hay meadow, maintained since the Iron Age. Pålsbo is also the birthplace of the poet Atterbom who wrote about Tuddebokällan found on the meadow in Pålsbo.

Erik-Hagman-Palsbo-Ang_B Erik-Hagman-Palsbo_A

Vårdsätra in Uppland is one of the oldest nature reserves in Sweden, founded in 1909 on the initiative of the biologist Rutger Sernander. His intention was to investigate what happens to a meadow and open nature if it is allowed to develop freely.

Erik-Hagman-Vardsatra-Naturreservat_B Erik-Hagman-Vardsatra_Naturreservat_A

Öckerö Konsthall

Erik-Hagman-Ockero_Konsthall_4921 Erik-Hagman-Ockero_Konsthall_4900

Konsthallen Göteborg

Erik-Hagman-Konsthallen-Gothenburg-5126 Erik-Hagman-Konsthallen-Gothenburg-5141